产品中心 | 2020-12-05


286 million people are likely to become users of virtual reality (VR) products in China, according to a recent study jointly released by a domestic manufacturer, an advertisement academy and a consulting institute.近期由一家国内生产商、一家广告公司和一家咨询机构牵头公布的一项研究表明,中国虚拟现实(VR)产品的潜在用户规模约2.86亿。According to the report that focuses on the analysis of VR users behaviors, the volume of light users, who have tried out or experienced related devices, has reached about 17 million in the past year, and around 960,000 people have purchased different kinds of VR equipment.根据这一重点分析虚拟现实用户不道德的报告认为,在过去一年认识过或体验过涉及VR设备的浅度用户大约为1700万人,出售过各种VR设备的用户大约为96万人。

In the upcoming year, 83.1 percent of existing VR heavy users will purchase higher-configured VR goggles to achieve a more comfortable wearable experience, said Xiao Mingchao, CEO of consulting firm SocialBeta.SocialBeta的CEO肖明超回应:“在接下来的这一年,现有的83.1%虚拟现实用户将出售更高配备的虚拟现实眼镜,以构建更加舒适度的可穿着体验。”According to Xiao, the potential market value of the countries VR industry will reach more than 1,000 billion yuan ($154 billion). VR technology will be utilized in varieties of commercial and marketing fields to create new business opportunities.肖明超认为,国家虚拟现实产业的潜在市场价值将超过1万亿元(1540亿美元)。虚拟现实技术将不会应用于商业领域和营销领域来建构新的商机。


The report also claimed that more than 70 percent of VR heavy users are male and that 60 percent of them are aged between 25 to 34. Most of them are from the group that consumes a large amount of tech and digital products.该报告还认为,超强7成VR重度用户为男性,其中6成人的年龄在25-34岁之间,且大多归属于科技、数码产品的高消费人群。Meanwhile, the most heavy users of VR devices are also Mobile Internet heavy users. They spend more than 4 hours per day online on their smartphones.同时,虚拟现实设备的重度用户也是移动互联网的重度用户。

他们每天要花费多达4小时的时间在智能手机上。According to the report, by spending 16 to 60 minutes, more than 70 percent of VR heavy users use their devices every day. The daily average usage time reached 34 minutes.根据报告表明,多达70%的重度用户每天用于VR设备的时长主要集中于在16分钟至60分钟,平均值每天用于时长是34分钟。